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Goal Focused Email Marketing

If you are looking to get a boost in your sales, our email marketing services can play a pivotal role. To put it simply, we will send out emails that will encourage your potential customers to opt for your services or products.

With the captivating newsletters prepared by our agency, your business will generate attention among people.

You can also acquire our services for sending emails to the marketing leads of your business wherein we will create impressive and well-structured campaigns for that purpose.

With our experienced team members, your sales will witness a significant boost at a much rapid rate.

Importance of Email Marketing 

The concept of email marketing is not recent. However, its influence has not diminished over time. Let us explain why you will find availing our email marketing services worthy.

  • Email applications are used by over 9 billion of the population.
  • It is typical for the majority of the consumers, about 92% in fact, to check their emails daily.
  • 88% of people look forward to reading promotional emails from businesses they are collaborating with.
  • About one-third of people are motivated by emails to purchase services and products.
  • You can expect a return of $47 on every $1 you spend on email marketing if done right.

You need to understand that these days, people tend to check their emails ever so often. They look forward to knowing more about the brand they are dealing with via emails. It gives the business a more personalized touch. However, the content needs to be relatable and valuable too. This is where our agency steps into play, we will ensure that the emails we create appeal to your customers and at the same time resonate with your mission.

Our Email Marketing Strategy

The first step is deciding on a suitable strategy for email marketing that will take your business to greater heights. A content strategy has to be crafted around the message you want to send out about your brand, your target audience and the approach that should be adopted. The timing of the email is vital as well. 

Lead Magnets

Next, we will work towards developing your email list. Usually, this constitutes, creating lead magnets of enticing offers that will prompt people to share their email address with you.
Anything could work as lead magnets, including eBooks, checklists and quizzes among other things. We will endeavor to think of lead magnets that your customers will resonate with, as target audience is different.

Website Call-T0-Actions

Your website needs to have call-to-actions for the promotion of the lead magnets. Your customers would then be motivated to subscribe to your emails. Website popups, sidebar forms, and floating headers prove to be useful for that exact purpose.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising lead magnets are also crucial for growing your email list. Our search engine advertising services or the services of social media advertising can be significant in this regard. Your lead magnets will be advertised on different platforms for the generation of more subscribers.

Email Marketing Software

Our email marketing software will be available to our clients. With our assistance, you will be able to choose an email marketing software capable of receiving leads and sending emails like clockwork. If there is an email marketing software you prefer, we can make adjustments according to our capabilities.

Email Newsletters

Get email newsletters that will be the perfect reflection of your business by our specialists. We employ all the required practices to get the best results including open rates, conversions, click through rates and much more. The email content can include case studies, information about upcoming events, blogs and similar other things crafted to form an engaging piece that your consumers will actually want and wait impatiently to read.

Email List Maintenance

Maintenance of the list is also our responsibility. Getting rid of the subscribers that avoid engaging with your emails is essential since this adversely affects the email deliverability. A bad list makes your email find its way to spam. We will keep a close eye on the engagement of your email list to make sure that any unwanted components are removed.

Email Marketing Reporting

​A monthly email marketing performance report will be sent out by our agency. We will monitor, analyze and then decide on the strategy to adopt every month based on these reports. Details like conversions, open rates, and subscribers are considered carefully in the report.

Why Us?

A complete package

Our job does not end with merely deciding on the campaigns for your email marketing efforts. Our agency endeavors to play an integral role in extracting the maximum benefits of email marketing. Our advertising services can be availed for growing your email list. Our other services can also be useful in keeping the email list engaged and constantly attracting more traffic to it. We deal with every aspect of online marketing.

Reliability and Trust

We look to build a bond of trust by providing you with quality work. Thus, our email marketing services maintain the elements of integrity and quality throughout our partnership.

Maximum Results on a Limited Budget

The entire marketing budget is not meant to be spent on acquiring the services of an online marketing agency. We have ensured that even small businesses can leverage our services with a limited budget with ease. Thus, your costs are lowered, and you can easily take advantage of the services our agency provides, leaving you and your business with impressive results.

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